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Crafting is accessed through the inventory screen.

Lichdom: Battlemage has an extensive crafting system that allows the player to create custom spells. The materials for the spells are collected from enemies and are randomly generated, based on the strength of the enemy killed.

Sigil Selection[edit | edit source]

After accessing the Crafting menu, the player selects which sigil they would like to modify.

Pattern Selection[edit | edit source]

The player then selects a pattern, which is placed into the pattern slot.

Augmentation Selection[edit | edit source]

The player then selects an augmentation. More augmentations can be added if the pattern allows for it.

Results Preview[edit | edit source]

The results of the combination can be seen in the right panel and compared against the current spell prior to crafting.

Immediate Equiping Option[edit | edit source]

Once the spell is crafted it can be equipped right away.