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Spell Types

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Each type of spell has a unique characteristic the player can add while crafting

There are several different types of spells the player can craft in Lichdom: Battlemage. They each provide benefits and drawbacks that can fit several play styles and tactical situations.

Targeted[edit | edit source]

Targeted spells are able to lock on to enemies at a certain distance.

Lob[edit | edit source]

Lobbed spells are unable to lock on, are shot in an arc similar to grenades, and do minimum aoe effects.

Aoe[edit | edit source]

Aoe spells are able to target a large area over a certain distant. These spells excel at dealing damage to multiple enemies.

Trap[edit | edit source]

Traps are spells that are triggered if an enemy walks over them.

Homing[edit | edit source]

Homing spells are able to find the enemies location, reducing the work the player had to do to aim spells.

Ray[edit | edit source]

Ray spells are low in damage but cause a constant stream of damage as long as the player is aiming and holding the attack button. These spells use up the charged offensive spell slot as well as the offensive spell slot.

Blink[edit | edit source]

Blink is a defensive ability that allows the player to teleport some distance. By charging this spell the player can cause a burst of flames upon teleporting, cause critical damage to enemies. Some crafting sigils remove the charged ability and/or limit the number of blinks the player can use overtime.

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

Blink.png SigilSelect.png TargetSpell.png AOESpell.png BarrierNova.png